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Grace for Godly Intimacy

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God created us for intimacy with Him and that's why He sent Jesus to die for His imperfect children. He didn't wait for us to get it together or break habits or be perfect. He simply loved us and His desire for intimacy with us was so strong that when He could have sent a legion of angels to deliver Jesus, He turned his head and allowed Him to suffer our punishment and fulfill a death that was meant for you and me. The veil to His kingdom was opened and we were given free access to His throne.

Grace for Intimacy is a place where you will find love-laced acceptance and invitation to intimacy with our Lord.

I'm honored that the Lord chose me and allowed me intimate access to His loving grace and I now am able to share it with His children.

In this day and time where there's so much condemnation, I bring peace, mercy, and unconditional love in the name of Jesus the Christ.  

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The Lord keeps on blessing over and over and over again!!  He blesses me with a level of intimacy with Him that money can't buy and man can't take away from me!  He shares His secrets with me because He knows that I am not going to keep them all to myself!!

He opens His heart to me, and I enter in with awe and reverence.  Once inside, I'm blown away by the depth of His love for us. As I explore the inner chambers of His heart, my righteousness becomes rubbish, and His righteousness supernaturally consumes and transforms me!

As I touch the walls of His heart, I'm overtaken by emotion.  His heart is so tender.  There are some spots that are super soft, and we occupy those spots!! Oh, the sweetness of His love for us. I am spellbound at the wonders of His love!

Then He begins to speak into my life and my heart sweet things that no man could utter and cause my knees to buckle!  Jewels and precious stones adorn each of the sweet somethings that He whispers to me.  I'm in total awe, my friends!!

Time stands still while we commune.  Nothing matters.  Problems become insignificant and petty.  The challenges that seemed insurmountable become anthills!! The hurts and disappointments are relieved.  The anger and frustration of life dissipate. Total peace envelopes me.  I'm in Him, and He's in me.  We are One! I can’t do anything without Him, and He won’t do anything without me.

Gratitude is my cottony-soft blanket in Him.  Contentment is my pillow.  I can't find words to express the peace that I'm experiencing as I rest in Him. I can't find a descriptive word or words to describe the joy that I feel as I rest within my Lord's heart.  I just know that I want to stay here forever!!

But life calls me back to reality!!  The beauty of this experience is that I can't leave His heart, and He won't leave mine!!  Because of who He is, I can face reality!! 

Share your journey into the heart of God.  Let's encourage unbelievers to surrender to His hot and passionate love!!  Your testimony may be all that's needed for somebody to make that final step of faith!!!

I look forward to hearing about your journey into the love of God.

If God has locked someone in your heart, just keep loving them and praying for them!  In His time, He will release and deliver them.  The enemy will sometimes cause you to think the wrong way about a person when God needs you to intercede for him/her.  That person could be anyone.  It could be an assumed enemy, could be your wayward child, it may be your troublesome neighbor; just keep praying for them even when the enemy is trying to make you hate them.  Godly advice:  Submit to God, resist the devil, and he will flee from you (James 4:7-10, KJV).

Remember that none of us can be so good to make God love us more, and neither can we be so naughty to make Him stop loving us--He simply loves us.  No one is perfect enough for God's love.  He loves our enemies, as well as our friends, too.  If we say that we love the Lord, we are indebted to love everybody as He does and love prays.

Love Prays

Who in Hell Are You?

One evening I was being very critical of myself when I heard this question and was stopped in my tracks! This question stung me because, in hell, my identity should not line up with how Satan sees me!!

Who in hell are you? Does Satan tremble when you declare who you are in Christ, or does he pat himself on the back because you believed his lie concerning you!? He sees the worst in you and he magnifies it!  As a believer, God sees the best in you–Jesus–and He glorifies you through Christ (Ro. 12:5) because we are one!!

So, who in hell are you?  For a moment, I forgot that through Christ I am more than a conqueror because He loves me (Rom. 8:37).  So, no I will not join Satan in beating me up and neither should you!

Since I know who I am in Christ, in hell my voice is feared because it is powered by God’s Spirit! In hell, I'm a force to be reckoned with.  Satan hates who I am in his kingdom that’s why he keeps trying to feed me lies! Soooo, if Satan hates who I am in his kingdom then why am I joining him in hating on me!?  Why do you join him in degrading you?

In Him, we are the head and not the tail (Deut. 28:13)! Our health prospers because our soul prospers (3 John 1:2)!  We are joint-heirs with Christ and therefore the power that He has we have (Ro. 8:17)!  We are children of the Highest God.

I know who I am in hell! Do you know who you are?

I know that religion has taught us that we have to be perfect before the Lord will accept us and crown us prince or princess, but grace is what perfects us through faith in Christ, not our good works. There are no perfect saints.  News Flash:  we can never be so good to make Him love us more and we can never be so naughty that He will stop loving us.  He simply loves us–PERIOD! 

So, who in hell are you?

I've Got This!

The Lord is faithful!  When we cry out to Him with a sincere heart, He is quick to answer.  He knows the difference between a heart that's testing His response and a heart truly in need of His response!! I cried out to the Lord and He delivered me. 

Someone, besides me, needs this message right now!  You've been struggling with loved ones and situations, but the Lord says, "Stop it, right now, I've got this!".  "You can't stop him/her from cheating, but I can!".  "You can't deliver your child from drugs, but I can!".  "You can't get your mother-in-law out of your business, but, I can!".  "Stop and know that I got this!".

"You can't make Him stay off the porn sites and away from the magazines, but I can!".  "I can even stop him from fighting you. I give you permission to get to a safe place while I deal with him.  I got this"!".  "These battles belong to me, but you've grown so accustomed to trying to do things yourself.  Stop it now, I've got this!". 

We don't understand that when we received Christ as Lord and Savior, we were supposed enter into His rest, but religion has taught us that we need to help God out by stressing, by whining, by nagging, by doing stuff, etc.  I hope somebody gets this: when we received Christ, our life became His life, His rest became our rest.  Religion says "God helps those that help themselves.". Relationship says, "You're in Me (Jesus) and I'm in you, so be still I got this because you're my friend!". 


Hello precious babies of the Most High God!


The reason you walk in constant disappointment is that you place too much hope in people, things, and circumstances.  I challenge you today to put all of your hopes and expectations into the unconditional, unmatched, and unending love of the God who withholds nothing good from you.  Put all of your hopes and expectations into the Holy Spirit to bring to you all that God has ordained for you.  Put all of your hopes and expectations into Jesus to stand up for you at all times as He intercedes for you before the Father.

The Lord has been teaching me to only be excited about Him.  I'm allowed to look forward to what He's doing but He constantly reminds me to only be excited about Him! My days of disappointment are becoming fewer and fewer.  I no longer expect humans to be perfect because it's impossible. I know because I'm a human! 

Peace Without End

I practice daily to put all my hope into Him.  If your hope is displaced today, I implore you to redirect your hope away from people, things, and circumstances! Turn it to the Lord and every day you'll begin to experience more and more peace. Jesus left His peace for us, but the only way to obtain it is to shift your focus from life as you know it to life abundant the way He gives it by faith!  Start telling your flesh to shut up and tell your heart the truth-Jesus blessed me and therefore, flesh, you can't curse me! I have all that I need!! End of story, praise the Lord!!

Have a great day! Stay focused and receive the peace of Jesus!

I'm so excited about Jesus!! He's the reason why I walk in victory instead of disappointment!!

It's okay for us to eat from that platter of encouragement that we so lovingly prepare for and serve to others!

Take A Praise Break!

How's everyone doing with their praise?  Are you praising God instead of complaining?  Are you praising God instead of whining?  Are you praising God instead of talking bad about others? Are you praising God instead of crying over spilled milk?


If you are able, right this moment please stop what you're doing and take a praise break!! Let everything that has breath praise ye the Lord... Psalm 150

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